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Canine hydrotherapy

Learn more about hydrotherapy for dogs and what we do here at The Canine Rehab Centre. Find out what benefits there are to hydrotherapy and our prices. If you’re looking to book a slot, head to our contact page and complete the online form.

What is canine hydrotherapy?

Canine hydrotherapy is a form of non-weight bearing exercise. The water holds properties which make it a great way to help dogs recover by reducing pressure from the joints. This encourages a greater range of movement and helps with circulation. Hydrotherapy increases the circulation of white blood cells around the body allowing unwanted materials to be moved through the body better. This is known as lymph drainage and it effectively rids the body of toxins and can improve the immune system.

What are the water properties that make canine hydrotherapy so beneficial?

There are four main benefits of canine hydrotherapy


The water creates a weightless environment that reduces the pressure on the joints and muscles. You will know from swimming yourself how much lighter you feel. This is the same for dogs who get to enjoy a hydrotherapy session

Hydrostatic pressure

The pressure surrounding the dog’s body whilst in the water decreases the pain and reduces swelling.


The slight resistance you get in the water isn’t just beneficial for humans, it has the same impact on dogs. The water resistance helps dogs to tone, build muscle and increase their cardiovascular fitness


We maintain the water temperature here at The Canine Rehab Centre as it is hugely beneficial for dogs. The warm water allows the dog’s tissue to become more elastic whilst promoting circulation and relaxation. The warm water can also alleviate pain and help to improve movement. Just like when us humans enjoy a nice warm bath.

Canine hydrotherapy benefits for your dogs

  • It reduces pressure from the joints whilst in the water which improves their range of motion
  • It reduces inflammation of the joints and can relieve aches and pains for the dogs
  • It promotes healthy blood circulation whilst cleansing the body
  • It increases muscle mass
  • It improves the dog’s stamina and strength in a controlled environment
  • It provides cardiovascular fitness
  • It helps with weight loss
  • It provides mental stimulation for your dogs

Canine hydrotherapy can help your dogs who may have the following:

  • Developmental conditions
  • Degenerative conditions
  • Pre and post surgical cases
  • Neurological conditions
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Obesity

Our canine hydrotherapy prices

Fun and fitness swim

£30 per dog per half an hour session. More dogs? Call us to discuss.

Insurance based swim

£35 per dog per half an hour session.

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Canine conditioning

Learn more about canine conditioning  and what we do here at The Canine Rehab Centre. Find out what benefits there are to dog traning and conditioning and our prices. If you’re looking to book a slot, head to our contact page and complete the online form.

What is canine conditioning?

Canine conditioning is an exercise routine carefully laid out for your dog on an individual basis to ensure it meets the needs of your dog. It’s a bit like an athlete who has a tailor made plan for their requirements – whether they’re a long-distance runner or a heavy-weight lifter, each person has a plan to meet those needs. Even dogs who aren’t training could benefit from canine conditioning – especially those who are prone to injury. With canine conditioning, your dog will work specific muscles to help them gain strength and endurance.

What are the benefits of canine conditioning?

Canine conditioning is a great way to improve your dog’s overall health. Through specific exercises your dog’s flexibility, balance, speed, mobility and muscular strength can improve. This is great for dogs who are competing in competitions, but also for dogs that need some planned exercise where walking isn’t enough.

Canine conditioning can reduce a dog’s likelihood of having injuries through special exercises. It’s good to walk your dog as this improves the large muscle-groups and the deeper muscle tissue. However if your dog is prone to slipping or is training for athletic events, this type of canine conditioning helps your dog to focus on certain muscles which otherwise could be neglected.

Canine conditioning is also hugely beneficial for a dog’s mental health. It helps you to bond with your dog and gives them a chance to have fun and play, while learning.

  • Improve your dog’s flexibility
  • Improve your dog’s balance and mobility
  • Improve your dog’s speed and muscular strength
  • Improve your dog’s mental health
  • Reduce their likelihood of injury

What canine conditioning do we do at The Canine Rehab Centre?

We offer canine conditioning for your dogs. We make sure we don’t take on more than two dogs in one session to ensure we can focus on your dog’s needs. We focus on several main aspects of canine conditioning: strength training; endurance training; proprioception and preparation and recovery.

Strength training

We focus on the dog’s strength and ensuring it uses its muscles. This includes strengthening the front legs, rear legs, core body muscles and smaller muscle groups.

Endurance training

We focus on the dog’s endurance to ensure we work the muscles for increasing amounts of time in a controlled environment.

Proprioception training

Proprioception is the ability to know the spatial orientation of various parts of the body, especially the head, legs and feet, at any particular point in space and time. This is just like in humans – the first time you had to pick up a fork, you had to learn to use it. There are special receptors in the skin, muscles and joints that send messages to your dog’s brain about the movement of the body. In turn the dog learns how best to coordinate movements such as landing a jump, climbing or running through obstacles. We focus on training these receptors so the dog’s ability will improve.

Our canine conditioning prices

Our canine conditioning prices

£10 per dog per session. Minimum of 6 sessions. Maximum up to 2 dogs in one session.